Boswellia serrata resin extracts have been shown in human studies to be beneficial for human health. Extracts of this plant resin provide boswellic acids and other uncharacterized organic acids. Overall, the boswellic acids are believed to help preserve joint health muscles and joint mobility, as well as help maintain connective tissue. In addition, the long-term use of Boswellia does not provoke gastrointestinal irritation.

One potent and targeted Boswellia serrata extract is 5-LOXIN, a patented extract providing the most powerful composition of active boswellic acids.

Boswellic acids are natural, selective 5-lipoxygenase inhibitors. There are six boswellic acids; however, AKBA is the most active. 5-LOXIN provides a higher concentration of AKBA, standardized to 30%, while other
Boswellic acid fractions contain only 2% - 3%.

5-LOXIN has been shown in laboratory tests, in vivo studies and in human studies to be safe and effective.

  • A GeneChip study was conducted to identify 5-LOXIN's influence on the modulation of the genes induced by TNF-α, a proteine compound involved in stimulating unwanted immune/inflammatory response. 5-LOXIN helped "protect" the genes upregulated in response to TNFα, providing a genetic demonstration of benefit
  • AMES Safety Evaluation - AMES is a test involving living cells to check the genotoxicity at massive concentrations of active compounds. If the compounds are harmful, cellular reproduction will be damaged, causing mutations. 5-LOXIN was non-damaging even at the highest levels tested.
  • 5-LOXIN has also shown significant amelioration of inflammatory response in TNFα induced Microvascular Endothelial cells model.
  • Scientific research, comparing 5-LOXIN to ordinary Boswellia serrata extracts clearly show the improved efficacy for joint comfort and inhibition of matrix metalloproteinases, promoting the health of joint tissues.



In a recent human study, both 100mg and 250mg of 5-LOXIN daily Provided improvement in joint comfort and mobility within 7 days†

5-LOXIN provided significant benefits in WOMAC, VAS and LFI standardized Testing methodologies for joint health†

5-LOXIN positively modulated biological markers associated with joint and general health, including TNFa, CRP, and IL-6 (these are compounds in the blood, that when in normal levels, result in comfort, flexibility and mobility of joints)

5-LOXIN was shown to significantly inhibit matrix metalloproteinase (MMP-3), an enzyme that break down cartilage, collagen and connective tissues

5-LOXIN is well-tolerated, easy on the stomach and well supported by extensive safety data

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