5-LOXIN is safe and well-tolerated as has been demonstrated by historic use and recently published studies. As a non-redox 5-LOX inhibitor, its action is very targeted and does not affect other systems.  And compared to ordinary Boswellia serrata extracts, only 5-LOXIN supplementation has provided improvement in joint comfort within just 7 days.

In addition to physician reports and patient questionnaires showing significant benefits in joint health, 5-LOXIN also positively impacts biological markers associated with general health.
Providing support for the structural integrity, motility and comfort of joint function and connective tissue, while being well tolerated and not causing stomach upset, 5-LOXIN could be described as the perfect combination of traditional knowledge and modern science.

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Boswellia serrata

Boswellia is a botanical used in traditional medicine which was discovered over three millennia ago. This dates back to the ancient India and Egypt where, as noted in the Papyrus Ebers, it found applications in mummification, cremation, and the treatment of skin.

Its Sanskrit name, “Gajabhakshya”, suggests that human observed elephants ingesting the plant. Ancient Indian Ayurvedic healers witnessed these animals feeding on Boswellia serrata trees and began questioning whether dietary intake of Boswellia might offer benefits to humans, though in much smaller amounts.

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